Horseshoe Wild Rag
Horseshoe Wild Rag

Horseshoe Wild Rag

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We like to think our Wild Rags are a little wilder than most.

A staple in western culture wild rags are more than just a fashion statement, they are also an extremely versatile tool. Whether worn, kept in your purse or your back pocket we consider wild rags to be an essential everyday carry item. 

Uses include but are not limited to:
Keeping You Warm • Keeping You Cool • Sun Protection • Dust Protection • Bug Protection • Hot Pad • Handkerchief • Bandana • Bindle Sack • Head Scarf • Horse Hobble • Horse Lead • Dog Collar • Belt • Burp Cloth • Emergency Arm Sling • Emergency Bandage • Water Pre-Filter • Napkin • Hair Tie.

Size: 36in X 36in
Made from 12 mm 100% silk charmeuse or 8mm 100% silk habotai
Designed in the USA
Printed in North America
Our wild rags are made on-demand with average 7-day fulfillment.

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