We believe that every person and every business has a responsibility to respect and care for the planet that gives us the resources not only to survive but to profit from. In many cases decisions have to be made that are for a better planet over better profit. Could we use cheaper leathers made in China? Could we use chrome tanned leathers to reach a broader market? Sure we could, and it would likely help our business grow and profit, but we feel that it just would not be the right thing to do. 

Stewards are already out there. Farmers, ranchers, hikers, hunters, anglers, bee keepers but in the end the decisions these stewards make are ultimately driven by the consumer. 


- Make business decisions for the planet over profit.

- We only use natural vegetable tanned leather. 

- We compost our veg tanned leather scraps and old, used products to drastically reduce the waste we produce.

- All of our packaging is either recyclable, compostable or both. 

- 2% (at least) of our annual profits are donated to land and water conservation. Some of the programs include: The Savory Institute, support for local land trusts and conservation easements, Food Empowerment Project.